jon makes bread

and it's AWESOME!


afternoon tea at the windsor

a failed yabbying trip (and a seafood boil)

When Jon and I lived in Louisiana, it was around this time of year we'd be eating boiled crawfish every week. A quick trip down the road from our apartment and for $12, we could pick up a few pounds of crawfish, some potatoes and corn. This was a meal you had to eat off the table and with your hands. Messy, but so tasty.

Back home, our friends have been pretty keen on the idea of a seafood boil. No crawfish here, but we thought yabbies would make a good substitute. A friend did some research and found a yabbie farm outside Melbourne. We'd catch our own! So, one Sunday morning we loaded our esky into the boot (wishful thinking, really) and took a drive to the farm where we'd catch our dinner.

In the end, we left without even a nibble on our lines. We bought our crabs and prawns, but they boiled up a treat.

* * *



yum cha

I have a few photos to share from my filmy February, starting with these from a yum cha lunch. More to come soon...



Just a quiet brunch with Mr Jon.

(Anyone else like BLT/BRTs?)


(home) grown : kohlrabi

Such an unusual looking vegetable! I'd never tried it until we grew and cooked it at home a little while ago. It's similar to a broccoli stem in taste and texture, with a turnipy/radishy flavour too. We added it to this old favourite (from Jamie Olivers' Happy Days with the Naked Chef).